Marcel Bigue currently serves as Principal of Praxis Blue as well as Senior Advisor to The Nature Conservancy FishPath program & WildAid Latin America program. He possesses over 24 years of experience in managerial and technical positions working on initiatives spanning maritime management, regulatory compliance, organizational capacity building and international development. He has authored comprehensive strategic plans for 14+ foreign governments to increase the efficacy of their maritime resource protection programs. Areas of focus include surveillance systems, fleet composition vs. performance requirements, training systems, regulatory analysis, education and outreach campaigns and resource acquisition strategies. He holds a BA in International Studies and MPA from the Monterey Institute for International Studies.

Doug Morris boasts a distinguished 40-year tenure with the National Park Service, having served in various capacities from park ranger at Cape Hatteras National Seashore to park superintendent at Saguaro National Park and Shenandoah National Park. Throughout his service, he played pivotal roles in crafting new NPS policies spanning areas like natural resources management, law enforcement, and international engagement. His international endeavors took him to countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Croatia, and China, focusing on training, planning, and post-conflict economic recovery. Post-retirement, Doug's international contributions continued, with significant projects in places like the Galapagos Islands, Mongolia, Thailand, Colombia, and Palau. A native Californian with a degree in Wildlife Management from San Jose State University, Doug has remained active in conservation, serving on the Executive Council of the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees and chairing the board of Global Parks, an NGO connecting NPS retirees to conservation projects globally.

Jay Udlehoven is an independent contractor boasting over three decades of conservation experience spanning North and Central America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. His proficiency encompasses a wide range of areas: from land protection through acquisition and designation to management and planning; from law enforcement and patrolling to organizational leadership and strategic planning. He's adept at fostering partnerships, fundraising, grant administration, and policy development. Recently, he has provided marine protection advice to WildAid, offered insights on protected area acquisition to the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, and held executive roles with the Multnomah County Farm Bureau.

Rich Arnold boasts over four decades of expertise in international training and development, spanning sectors like military, law enforcement, government, and NGOs. Specializing in organizational analysis, he's adept at performance job task analysis, training needs assessment, and organizational evaluations. As a recognized maritime development authority, Rich has spearheaded programs for national maritime law enforcement and fisheries protection worldwide, emphasizing sustainable maritime interdiction operational capability. His profound maritime insights stem from a distinguished 24-year tenure with the U.S. Coast Guard, where he navigated roles from junior officer to command afloat, focusing on maritime patrolling, surveillance, and interdiction missions. Rich's academic credentials include an M.S. in Education, Training Technology from Old Dominion University and a B.S. in Marine Science from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.